God vs logic

But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.
Matthew 19:26 KJV

As a young woman I’ve faced many obstacles that to many people are unimaginable. When it comes to seeing God move in the impossible I’m a witness so take it from me, if He has done it before who says He can’t do it again. God’s word is spirit and we need to trust the word rather than focusing on our natural man which only points out the facts of life when God’s word is clearly above the logic of man

Who are you?

Many people like to say I’m a child of God and yet they live a distant life from God the father. Wouldn’t you be expected to know your father and no not on a shallow level. You are only a child of God when you accept Christ for outside of Christ we are enemies of God because of sin. I say this to make you choose where would you stand as children, partakers of the inheritance of Jesus or outside the family of God. The thing is its not that God doesn’t love you, it’s that you choose to try and live abandoned.



The devil himself

As I sit in this moment, I feel nothing but utter sorrow. I have just completed season three of Elementary which stars Lucie Liu and Johnny Lee Miller. For those who aren’t familiar with the show it’s a modern twist to Sherlock Holmes and yes they made Watson a chick.

In watching this final episode Holmes goes on a journey to find his ex sponsor now turned friend who had been kidnapped. I say ex sponsor because the Holmes we meet at the beginning is an ex drug addict. I don’t want to tell about the series but more about the parallel between his addiction and him being clean and sin and a Christian’s walk.

The road to being clean is a tough one but Holmes makes it with the help of good influences. There are other detectives, Watson and his meetings and his sponsor. In salvation there are your church friends and church.

Notice I said church friends! The notion that you don’t need church to have a relationship with God is mistaken. The fellowship with like minded people is so needed to make it. How then will you be accountable to someone if you are tucked away. No one learns by them self or on their own they are guided but on to what really brought me sadness (Spoiler Alert) Holmes relapses.

I understand that in life we make mistakes but we can also avoid them. In this final episode of the season we see someone from Holmes’ past trying to lure him back to his old ways. The distress that we find ourselves in can cause us to look to those who we know are bad company but its only when we are at the brink of throwing all that we’ve overcome away we make the choice to fall.This is something that I am all too familiar with.

This is the same trap the devil lays for us and honesty in that moment condemnation could not be more honest about who you are and what you have done forcing you to forget that its all under the blood and that all your sins are thrown in the sea of forgetfulness. Its like there is no one there but you and the devil pointing at you saying do it you know you’re no good anyway and that all the changes and improvements you have made due to the salvation of Jesus Christ was a lie.

In that moment I felt sorrow. This is just a show but the reality is that there are many out there who face these tests everyday and though the character Holmes has no Godhead or saviour due to his disposition you know that there is a God, a saviour in who you can rely on and know that there is no condemnation and that the devil is just being himself a liar and a deceiver. Our prayer should be that we remember falling is common but greater that the fall is the getting up. The grace of God! Now I am no longer in that place of utter sorrow but hope because Holmes will get better! I hope!